Dear Kirsten and Søren,

How are you recently? I miss you very much~~~~

It has been a long long time since I last wrote to you. I am sorry for that but this is a very busy semester for me and I really hope you will understand that writing to you is always a pleasant moment for me. That’s why I am writing to you now—right after I finish my final examinations.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to tell you something about my life in this semester.

For the first two months, I spend most of my time on the internship. Actually, it was not the kind of internship in line with our general understanding. It served much like a chance for the students to have a better insight of the real society, which helped us to do a better job in our career planning. Though I did not take a good balance between the job and my study during the internship period, I did think that it worth the effort for I gained a lot from that. I met many different people and their views on study, career, family, life and the world, gave me so much inspiration, which urged me to do a lot of reflection of my own life.

For the rest of the semester, I focused on my study. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. I never found myself so thirsty about knowledge before. I guess that’s because I am going to leave the campus in less than one year. I am afraid that once I step out of the campus, the days on which I can dig myself in reading a book in the library, from dawn to night, would be gone forever.

The summer holiday begins. Hurray!
Many of my classmates are going to spend their holiday on doing intern jobs so that they can have more edge when they are looking for a job in the next semester. I did not find a suitable one so I am going to stay at home to do some reading and some preparation for the job hunting. Once September comes, I will begin my journey on getting a suitable job.

What’s your plan for the summer holidays? I am looking forward to your answer. Haha.
Best wishes.

PS: It would be me who dress in that garment at this time next year~



Dear Kirsten and Søren,


  How is everything going recently? Have you had your first riding lessen at Sørens sisters farm yet? How was the family get together after Karolines conformation? What about your book and Sørens business? I hope everything is fine.


  As I have mentioned to you on MSN, I have went to Dongguan, which is a newly developed city near Guangzhou, to work for the 19th International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan) for 5 days. Here its website. If you have interest, you can click in to have a look. http://www.3f.net.cn/e/index.asp My job there was just standing in the Information Centre to answer the various questions asked by the visitors and sometimes I would need to do some survey. Though the job itself was quite simple and some of my colleagues would complain that it was too boring, I quite enjoyed it because I had a chance to work with many different people. During the process, I found many very interesting and useful things. I cannot explain it with words very clearly but it did benefit me a lot for it urge me to rerecognize, reevaluate and reposition myself.


  I have finished the first part of the GRE test on the Apr 31st. I will not get the score for it until I take the other part of the test in June. I think my performance is average, not very good, not too bad. I have tried my best though I think I can do a better job if I have set aside more time for the preparation work. Anyway, what happened is passed. We all need to move on and look forward. Right?


Dear Kirsten and Søren,
How was your visit to your friends in Copenhagen? I guess it must be very nice. ^-^
I went to the bank today and found that the $XX you send me have been transferred into my account on Aug 25.
Thank you very much! It’s not a small present and my appreciation is above words. Thank you again!
The new semester began on this Monday. Nothing really very special. Like the usual, we have new courses to learn and new professors to meet. I like trying new things because, most of the times, they will open a new world for me, in which I found so many things to explore that life seems to be more and more interesting. I am going to take some courses on finance, economic, and banking in this semester, which I think would be quite challenging for me.
I am going to take the first test of GRE—Graduate Record Examination at the end of Mar. I am a little bit worry about that because I feel myself still not well prepared. Anyway, I will try my best to make good use of the time left to fight for it.
Best wishes.


Kirsten and Søren,
  It’s so nice to get your e-mail on the first day I came back to the college from home. Maybe you can’t understand how inspiring your letter is for me. Because after staying at home doing little study for nearly one month on the winter vocation, I feel quite regretful for not using the winter vocation properly and I was not in a very good mood. Anyway, after reading your e-mail, I feel like I am recharged again. So really thank you!
Your life after the trip sounds fabulous! It’s so great that you both can do what you like! I can’t wait to read your book—if only I can read in Danish. Haha. Wish your book can be published in the near future!
About the snow, it’ s really a big issue for all the Chinese in this winter. As you know, the Chinese lunar new year is the most important festival for us, in which all the families would get together and pay visit to all the friends and relatives to share what has happened in the past year and give each other their best wishes for the coming year. It’s supposed to be a joyful festival. However, because of the cold weather, many transportations are out of work. As a result thousands of people could not go back home for the big day. Of course, the bad effect brought by the bad weather is far more than this, on which I guess you have learnt a lot from the news. I hope that the donation can really help the victim out of this difficulty.
Fortunately, we didn’t have snow in Guangzhou so I didn’t have problems of getting home. But the weather was freezing cold. It was so cold that I could hardly concentrate on my books even though I had put on as many clothes as I could.(sounds like an excuse for being lazy on study. Haha.)

Regardless of the intolerable coldness, I had a very nice winter vocation.
The happiest thing was that I could go back home and have a nice get-together with my family. It’ s nice to be with them even doing nothing because I love them and I know they feel the same for me.
I also had a nice time in the get-together with some of my old classmates and friends during the holiday. Because some of them didn’t have the chance to get further study after they finished their high school and have been working for several years, or because we haven’t met for a long time, sometimes, I found that it was hard to understand their thought and they might also encounter some difficulties in following me. But it did not stop us from enjoying talking about the old days when we were still laughing, singing, dancing in the same classroom.
Recalling the old days with someone who share the same piece of memory with you feels great.

There was one thing special happened in this winter holiday, which I am not sure whether it’s proper to tell you now because even I myself feel puzzle about it at this moment. Anyway, since it keeps on running in my mind for half a month so I want to share it with you if you don’t mind.
I think, perhaps, maybe, I might have got shoot by Cupid’s bow.
I am 22-year-old now and most of my friends have fix relationship for a long time, which makes me am “abnormal one” every time when we get-together. What ‘s more, as I growing up, I found that in more and more occasions, people would talk to me about the things like “it’s the time to find a boyfriend”, which I thought was a forbidden topic once.
All these made me can’t help to ask myself the same question that many people have asked me before “Is your criterion for an ideal boyfriend a little bit too high?”
I don’t know. I just feel that my Mr. Right hasn’t appeared.
Anyway, I am still single even thought I can’t deny that, in fact, I can’t wait to meet my Mr. Right. But I don’t want to crash into a relationship only because I feel lonely or I am in need of a boyfriend.
In this winter vocation, I seemed to find the right person, or he found me.
I don’t know where I should get started.
He was one of my classmates in the junior school. But, later, we went to different high schools and universities. We never try to get in touch with each other and I never expect anything special would happen between us until this winter vocation.
Because we sat near in the whole class’s get-together and we had a nice talk the whole night, after that night, we went out together twice and send text to each other now and then.
I think we both have good impression on each other. After talking with him for several times, I think I have given him a good grade in my heart and I hope that we can have more chances to get to know more about each other and I am even expecting that our relationship might take a step further than just friends one day.
It sounds silly, right?
But I am not so sure how he feels about me.
What’s more, as the new semester begins now, I am afraid that it would be hard for my wish to come truth. Physical distance is a problem. What’s more important is that I think we would both concentrate on our own studies and have to put this issue aside.
Let it be.
I don’t want to think too much on this any more now because I think I have thought much enough during the winter vocation. New semester began and I am going to take the “Analysis Writing” part of the GRE—Graduate Record Examination at the end of the March. So I need to focus on my study first.
I believe that if he is the right person, we will be together one day.

Last but not least, thank you very much for your present and it’s so nice of you! But I haven’t got it yet. I will let you know when I got it. Thanks again.
All my best wishes.


Dear Kirsten & Søren,

It is so nice to hear from you.

I guess you may be at home when you are reading this e-mail. It must feels fantastic to be back at home after such a long journey, right?

The Christmas is at the corner now. You must be very busy shopping and preparing for the big day, aren’t you? Even in Guangzhou, nobody can ignore the approaching of the Christmas because we can find the ornaments for the Christmas in the streets, the shops, the supermarkets, the classrooms, etc—nearly everywhere. I can image the picture that you are sitting under a beautiful Christmas tree, holding a cup of hot coffee in your hands, sharing your amazing experience during the whole journey with your lovely family at the Christmas Eve. That must be miraculous! Haha.

Actually, I don’t have much time to think about how I am going to celebrate the Christmas because, at this moment, the finals is a much more important thing for me to take into account. I began my preparation for it two weeks ago. But it didn’t turn out be efficient. Fortunately, the situation is improving gradually. And I am quit satisfied with my fettle this week. I just hope that I can keep it until I finish my last examine paper. ^.^

I didn’t get the RMB X from you. Maybe you are right at the transfer problem. But it doesn’t matter. By the way, I want to let you know that, by taking a part-time job, I can manage my time for study and money quite well now. I really want to thank you for all the help you offered me. As I can make the ends meet now, I don’t think it’s proper for me to accept your financial help any more. But I still want to say “THANK YOU” to you from the bottom of my heart! >.<

Wish you a merry Christmas! >.<



Dear Kirsten & Søren

  Hey, it seem to be a long time since i write you last time. I guess you must be very busy enjoying the last week of your first trip around China.Right?

I went back home last weekend for the celebration of my grandmother’s 80th birthday. It’s a very big celebration because we Chinese think living a 80-year-old life is really a big due. However, I think it turned out to be more or less the same as grandma’s other birthday. Family gathering, talking and laughing all day long.  I think the only difference might be the size of the things like the feast, the birthday cake and number of the people who are invited. Quit a busy day that day. I just did not have enough time to have a good reflection on everything until the midnight.

I love my grandmother so I always feel lucky to have her with us while I gradually know how to show my love to her in a proper way. Though sometimes she seems to be a little hard to get along with for she has a hot temper, I know she has devoted a lot for the family so I respect her a lot. I still remember a promise I made to her while I was a little girl “Grandmother, I will give you pocket money everyday when I grow up and be a successful woman. How about RMB100 a day?” It sounds very childish, right? But I really hope that I can fulfill it one day in the future.



Last week is a fantastic week because I have enjoyed two art feasts.

On Wednesday night, Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming of The Shrew was given by a British drama group TNT in our university’s auditorium. The show was very great. In fact, there were only 6 actors who brought out many different characters for a whole drama! And they only use one woolen door to change their setting very effectively! That’s amazing! Of course, their acting was also vivid and interesting. The only pity for that night is that I could not understand their lines well. After being a English major in Guangdong University for Foreign Study for more than two years, I though I could handle my English listening quite well. But since the drama night, I have known that’s far from enough and there is still a very large room for me to improve. So I think I’d better learn more to know more.

Here is the link to TNT’s website.www.adg-europe.com

On Friday night, in the very same auditorium, a great concert was given by Gumpoldskirchen male choir MACH4, who came from Austria . Most of the songs are performed without the accompany of any instruments. Being surrounded by the pop music which sometimes emphasis too much on the “reproducing” of the human voice for a long time, I think it’s great to have a chance to enjoy the pure music of nature sound. It’s really a feast to ears.

link to their website again.www.mach4.at

Xian is also a city with long history so I hope you can find plenty of good stories there. Wish you a nice trip.



Dear Kirsten and Søren,
You are always so kind! But I would like to let you know that I would keep on writing to you about the stories in my life, even without your suggestion. Haha. In fact, I have planned to do so right after your departure from Guangzhou. The reason is simple. As you have said before, though we live different lives, we have a lot in common. It’s a great pleasure for me to communicate with you!
But for the article My meeting with the Danish Couple, I am afraid I need some more time to finish it though I think most of the content has been included in the thank letter I wrote you, because this week is another busy week as I need to finish translating a tender with which we are going to take part in a simulated trade fair. How I wish I have not promised to take part in it! What’s more, I am going to have a mid-term exam the day after tomorrow. But I think I am still not well prepared for it. God bless me.
By the way, did you enjoy your trip around Beijing?


I think this thank letter should have been sent to you a bit earlier. But, you know, the days at the beginning of a new semester are always quite busy. Fortunately, I just have one lesson for the whole day today, so I am able to write you now.

After your departure, I began to miss you very badly. Maybe you might not know how important it is for me to know you at this period of my life; maybe you would think that the sentence I wrote on the card saying “Meeting you is one of the greatest things that have ever happened in my life” is a little bit exaggerate. However, I really appreciate our meeting very much.

I once dreamed of going abroad for postgraduate study. But after a long time of inner struggle, I gave up this thought for the pressure of reality. I think the reason why I did not dare to go after it was that I lack of a drive and confidence to overcome the problems I might meet in the process of pursuing it. But making friends with you reburns my desire for it. You remind me that the world is so big that I think I really need to go out and have a look of it by myself. I believe it would make my own world much much bigger than what it is now and help me to build up a better personality. So I think I am going to have a try. Use one year to prepare for the tests and try to apply for a scholarship. I am not sure whether I am going to make it, but I think it’s always good to have a dream in mind and something you can pursue with all your heart and soul, isn’t it?

You know, I have a fear about marriage though I am longing for it. It may sound silly but it is true. I don’t know why I would feel so. A Chinese writer once said that there were four kinds of marriage in this world: the satisfying ones; the acceptable ones; the bearable ones and the unbearable ones. I think nearly all the marriages of the people around me are just something between the second and the third kind, including my parents’. But I think it would hard for me to accept the fact that my own marriage is not a satisfying one because sometimes I think I am a completist(I am not sure whether this is the right word I should use. What I want to say is a person who wants everything to be perfect). I might get the fear out of this reason. I am not sure. However, your relationship makes me feel less misgiving about marriage because I think your marriage belongs to the first kind. This means a lot to me because I think marriage is something any girl must accomplish in her life. However, if I have a fear in it, I don’t think I am going to enjoy it or even start it. So I am lucky to meet a couple like you to convince myself that there are satisfying marriages in this world. And now I can persuade myself to be patient and wait for the right person to come into my life but not losing the confidence for marriage and refusing anyone who try to be close to me. So thank you so much.

Kirsten, you are always so attentive and caring. You have taught me so much on the importance of always being kind and nice to the people around us and caring for the world instead of just thinking about ourselves. You are very persuasive because you are not only teaching me with words but also with action. I know I am not doing a good enough job on this though I know I should. But I think I will make progress in the future because I have such a good model as you are. What’s more, next time when I am confused with the problem on “should I do this for my own good or should I do that for the others?”, I think I will think about the story about the first car you bought in Australia and make a wise decision. Really thank you for guiding me to be a better person.

Soren, I did enjoy your humors very much. Though you didn’t talk much, I still found lots of humors in your words. Thank you for reminding me the importance of health. What I have told you is that I always stay up late; what I haven’t told you is, sometimes, in order to perfect my assignments or proposals, I would go without sleeping for days. You know, time always seemed to be too little for me because I took too much work in the Student Union and I still needed to catch up my lessons. So I though I have no choice but to give up the time for sleeping though I knew it would do harm to my health. But the reason why you decided to change your career after returning to Denmark made me revaluate the importance of health and I hope it won’t be too late. I also hope that your right hand would get well soon.

Thank you very much for offering me a chance to get a wonderful experience as a guide. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to travel with you very relaxingly and happily. Thank you very much for helping me to practice my oral English with great patient. Thank you very much for telling me so much about the Denmark and the whole world. Thank you very much for taking me to PizzaHut just because I never tried it. Thank you very much for giving me the lovely present—Kjeldsens cookies, though I just mentioned my love for it once, very casually. Thank you very much for leaving me the education investment, especially you did it secretly, just in case of my embarrassment. Thank you for …… There’re so many things for which I would like to say thank you but I am afraid it is impossible for me to list all of them here. I just hope you may understand how thankful I am to make friends with you two. Thank you for everything.

Kirsten, I think you are right. We are going to meet each other again at sometime and somewhere in the future. I am looking forward to that day.

Chris Ye